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Using Acupuncture To Quit Smoking

| July 29, 2012

The treatment of acupuncture to help quit smoking is becoming increasingly popular today. However this raises questions such as how effective is the treatment and also what evidence exist to prove that acupuncture helps to quit smoking.

In the western world, to gather concrete evidence, clinical trials are used to gather data. Participants in these trails have things in common such as age, sex or demographics. The same treatment is given and the results are recorded. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this when it comes to acupuncture. Each person’s treatment may vary, even if they are being treated for the same thing. So therefore even though it is not possible to gather concrete evidence on the relationship between acupuncture and smoking, there have been results in the treatment helping people to quit.

The British Acupuncture council has carried out reviews on the various research conducted to gain empirical evidence on whether acupuncture helps to quit smoking. Some studies showed that people who underwent acupuncture were able to quit smoking but it didn’t help others. This conflicting evidence brings into question on the methods that were used to determine the results of this research.

One study brought to light that people who underwent acupuncture were less likely to want to light up a cigarette than people who didn’t. Smoking is known to cause craving. The use of acupuncture is known to reduce these cravings, thereby making it easier for a person to quit. It can be argued that a strong willed person would not need acupuncture but keep in mind that acupuncture does make the whole process easier.


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