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Using Acupuncture To Stop Smoking

| August 3, 2012

Acupuncture is an ancient method of treatment that can be used to help stop smoking. The new Stop smoking laser was designed by taking the concept from acupuncture to stop smoking.

During the process, a number of needles are inserted into specific parts of the ear. The number of needles will depend on the amount of treatment that is needed and what the acupuncturist thinks the best method is.

The basis of acupuncture is the concept that the body has many energy pathways called meridians. These meridians can therefore be manipulated to eliminate cravings and the withdrawal symptoms, thereby making it easier to quit smoking.

Even though some people swear by this technique others don’t. They say that even though acupuncture to stop smoking works in the beginning as time goes by the craving return and therefore the acupuncture to stop smoking isn’t successful.


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