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Using Electro Acupuncture in Pain Management

| July 23, 2012

Electro acupuncture is gaining a lot of popularity as a method for treating pain at home. There are different options available when it comes to electro acupuncture, so to choose the one that is right for you, you will need information on the options that are available.

Electro acupuncture that can be used at home consists of a small electric charge that targets specific meridian points in the body to help combat the pain. The most popular electro acupuncture devices that are available in the market are the Acupen, which is also known as the Acupuncture pen, Aculife and also TENS (which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

The Acupen is a small, portable pen-like device that locates the necessary acupuncture points. Once the key points are located, you can use the pen to transmit a low electric charge into the specific areas that are troubling you. This is turn frees the energy that has been blocked in your body, releasing endorphins that combat the pain you are feeling. This device is best used at night, as it is beneficial for aiding in a healthy sleeping pattern.

The TENS device is a compact machine that uses electrodes placed over specific areas of the body to transmit a low electric charge. This charge stimulates the desired acupuncture points and generates relief from pain. This device can be used several times a day to gain relief from pain.

Aculife is a little bit more advanced than the other devices. It suggests possible diseases that could be related to specific areas from where the pain is originating. Therefore this device is a great option to have as a warning device so that you can visit your physician if you feel that it is something serious. Aculife send magnetized electric pulses through your hand to the rest of your body and helps to heal and combat the pain you are feeling.

These products have different prices and the type of product that would be best for you would depend on your budget and also the amount of pain you are feeling. Electro acupuncture is used by thousands of people to gain relief from pain and this method of pain relief treatment is continuing to grow in popularity as more people realize that it is a healthy way to combat their ailments.


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