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Using Facial Acupuncture to Combat the Signs of Aging

| July 23, 2012

Our biggest organ is our skin and it reflects the life we lead. If you have any illness or lead a stressful life then this will also be seen in your skin by way of acne, wrinkles and a host of other skin problems. One healthy natural way of dealing with this problem is use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to combat the problems.

One of the segments of TCM is facial acupuncture with is also combine with massage and the intake of specified herbs. Facial acupuncture works by using fine pointed needles that are inserted into strategic areas of the face. This stimulates the body into releasing hormones that work on repairing the skin, either firming it or relaxing it depending on the type of treatment that is required.

Targeting specific acupuncture points can cause various results such as helping to alleviate stress, increase digestion and aid in a healthy sleep pattern. This results in healthier glowing skin, as the person is more relaxed and therefore leading a healthier lifestyle as well. Acupuncture also improves the blood circulation, which in turn will result in the impurities in the blood being swept away and not causing further skin problems. Using acupuncture to induce a healthy sleeping pattern also benefits the skin as a good nights sleep will take away the dark circles and under eye puffiness that is usually present in insomniacs.

When facial acupuncture is combined with massage and herbal treatments, then you will notice an even more significant improvement. The massage and herbal treatment may be used in the form of facial masks being used to draw out the skins impurities and this will leave you with healthy glowing skin.

Facial acupuncture may require a number of sessions before the problems with your skin can be fixed. However, as this is a fully natural method of treatment, there will be no side effects and if done properly, you will soon start to feel and see the desired results.


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